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diet therapy
dietary management [T060738]
nutritional management [T060739]
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Užij u nemocí pro dietetické a nutriční zvládnutí choroby. Pro podávání vitamínů a minerálních látek použij podheslo \farmakoterapie\"."
Scope Note
Used with disease headings for dietary and nutritional management of the disease. The concept does not include vitamin or mineral supplements, for which "drug therapy" may be used.
subhead only; for dietary & nutritional management of a disease by a physician; not for self diets; not for vitamin or mineral supplements prescribed by a physician ( = /drug therapy); indexing policy: Manual 19.8.24; DF: /diet ther or /DH
History note
75; used with Category C & F3 1975 forward
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/DH or DH (SH) or SUBS APPLY DH
Public Note
C; F3
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