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statistika a číselné údaje
English Heading
statistics & numerical data
číselné údaje
statistics and numerical data [T000912282]
utilization [T061308]
use [T061309]
numerical data [T061361]
Preferred Concept
Mesh Scope Translators Note
Užij u vybavení, zařízení, programů, služeb a u zdravotnických pracovníků pro diskuse (obvykle s údaji) o jejich využívání, včetně diskusí o nadměrném nebo nedostatečném využívání.
Scope Note
Used with non-disease headings for the expression of numerical values that describe particular sets or groups of data. It includes level of use of equipment and supplies, facilities and services and procedures and techniques. It excludes supply or demand for which "supply & distribution" is used
Other Concepts
subheading only; for statistics on non-disease headings only (statistics on diseases = /epidemiology); not for "statistics on supply & demand" ( = /supply & distribution)
History note
89; used with Category E, F1-2, F4, G1-3 & H-N 1989; E, F4, G1-2, I, J, M & N2-4 1990 forward
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; main heading/SN or SN (SH) or SUBS APPLY SN
Public Note
E; F4; G1,2; I2,3; J1; M; N2-4
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